Thana’s educational background is in Environmental Engineering. His career experiences include quantifying air emissions in the oil and gas industry, air quality science/engineering, environmental compliance, and storm water engineering. His active involvement around the community has allowed him to have a positive reputation in Alberta.

As a young and ambitious professional, he often seeks to combine his technical and social skills in broadening his large network and learning new ways of communicating sensitive issues. In addition to being frequently invited to attend various conferences, conventions and meetings around the province, Thana is the founder of the Marda Loop Community Association Sustainability Committee. In this role, he was able influence Association’s decision  to endorse the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the community. He is a frequent volunteer at the Calgary Drop-In Centre, a graduate of Next Up and the Climate Leadership Program, and a past Ambassador of the Canadian Geothermal Energy Association.

As the global economy quickly shifts to a world of sustainable technology, it is important for our leaders to be able to predict its effects on Albertans so that we are not left behind. Having a background in Environmental Engineering and having experience in analyzing regulatory policies, he is able to understand the technical details that emerge across jurisdictional boundaries while also being able to recognize the feasibility of technological solutions that could benefit the economy and the planet.