Thana’s Platform

We’ve found that talking to our neighbours is the best way to share our values and connect on the important issues that need strong Green leadership. These include a sales tax to strengthen public services and eliminate the debt, diversifying the economy to increase opportunity and employment for all Albertans, practicing inclusion for all cultures and genders, taking strong action on the real threats from climate change, and returning respect and dialogue to politics.

Caring for all
Guaranteed annual income; responsive harm reduction; affordable post-secondary education; accessible childcare; aging in place.

Alberta Energy Strategy
Prioritize clean technology; repurpose aging energy infrastructure with our skilled workforce and technical leadership; diversify our energy systems to strengthen our local economies.

Retire the debt and fully fund public services through a progressive sales tax; drive diversification with investment guarantees and incubators for Alberta centred entreprenuers, co-ops and indigenous enterprises; fund green/tech infrastructure.

Vibrant Living
Stable and affordable housing; food security through local agriculture support; protect our wilderness and natural heritage for future generations.

Better Politics
Democratic reform: including proportional voting, reducing occasions for confidence motions and whipped votes in the Legislature, more power and diverse membership for legislative committees, a more inclusive, nonpartisan amendment process for first and second readings of bills, per vote subsidies; remove dark money from political donations; work collaboratively to overcome polarizing politics; represent all of Calgary Mountain View with integrity, and respect.

Climate change
Diversify our economy, protect and improve natural infrastructure, invest and develop mitigation for extreme weather, research and test adapting our food, water, waste, transportation and energy systems to eliminate their climate impacts, and to create local economic opportunities. Develop a distributed smart grid and storage system that will support integration of all forms of renewable zero carbon energy, meet the Paris Agreement targets for GHG reductions by cooperatively setting targets with the rest of Canada, develop the market capacity to fully electrify Alberta’s energy systems, provide fully supported training, grants, startup investments to shift oil workers to transferable work.

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